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Pocket Hack Master WM5 4.36

Speed up your Pocket PC device

The world's most popular Windows CE chip tuner by Anton Tomov. Complete rewrite of Pocket Hack Master. More power and more control. Now supports the PXA210, PXA250, PXA255, PXA261, PXA263, PXA270, PXA271, PXA272, PXA273, Samsung S3C2410, Samsung S3C2410A, Samsung S3C2440, Samsung S3C2440A and Samsung S3C2442 processors!


  • Speed up your device for increased performance
  • Clock down your processor for longer battery life
  • Auto-scale the speed depending on the current device requirements for best performance/battery life ratio
  • Application specific speeds
  • Easy configuration, built-in benchmarking of speed settings
  • CPU load monitor (supports GetIdleTime() API)
  • Supports multiple platforms and processors
  • Tray icon/task bar integration
  • Process viewer

The heart of Pocket Hack Master 2006 is the Speed control module. Allowing tweaking various speed parameters specific to the device and processor used, the Speed configuration module includes a fully featured benchmarking module that will determine the MIPS and memory performance for each speed setting.

The module contains columns that describe the specific CPU/device parameters that participate in the speed setting. Benchmarking and burn-in tests allow to filter most of the unstable speed settings and to automate the configuration of the complex scaling and application gear engines.

The speeds listed in the configuration module match the most popular speeds specific to the device used minimizing the effort needed to discover the working settings. Many complex filters can be applied to produce different views on the entire set of settings.

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Pocket Hack Master


Pocket Hack Master WM5 4.36

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